I finally got some post-it flags. Decided to mark some of my fav parts in a few books. #nomoresearching #bookstagram


When people ask what I’m doing

Booktubeathon read #4. To be honest I wasn’t expecting to read this book this week. In fact I just bought it Thursday. But I didn’t feel like reading my last book and this was a very intriguing story. I finished it already. So I’m counting this towards a book someone picked out for me challenge because I wasn’t gonna get the book unless my best friend got it too so yeah I blame her lol. #bookstagram #booktubeathon
Booktubeathon read #3! Something with Red on the cover. (The title and her lipstick is reddish so yeah I’m countin it) Lost in Time by Melissa De La Cruz. This is the 6th book in the Blue Bloods Series. I really like this series and I never really hear people talking about it. It combines vampires, angels, world travel, and glamour. Give it a try. #bookstagram #booktubeathon
Booktubeathon read #2. Start and finish a series. Basically four books smushed into one. Works for me 👍 #bookstagram #booktubeathon
Oh yeah…you are perfect. 😉
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